05 August 2014

Boy, I can’t stop working on this. This morning I thought about a dynamic visualization with tornados. It was a 5 minutes work from the database to a shapefile to CartoDB visualization.

That visualization was great but not really awesome. Then I thought I have thunders in the very same way but instead of 350 hits I had more than 11K. That was something. So I set up the same process and had quickly my third visualization: Storms 2008.

So I added it to the site and as it was something dynamic, I couldn’t offer more interactions to the user that just seat and enjoy the clip, so I did two things.

  • Add music to the clip, as a very small Youtube video with the powerful Thunderstruck theme by AC/DC. It starts automatically when the page is rendered. Yes I know, sites that automatically play music are a PITA but I couldn’t resist myself and the pause button is easy to reach.

  • Extracted a dataset aggregated by region using a Natural Earth countries data set. That is, I did first an aggregation of the countries by the region field and then (in the same query) I joined it with the thunders set created on for the viz, using a spatial relation for the join and finally grouping the data by month and region.