04 August 2014

Yesterday I went to bed without telling how it went during the evening. Well I didn’t do much more coding apart from minimal touches to the table and the climogram. I wrote more on documenting about the project, so I put in order some ideas that I have for this site, things to develop and so on.

I asked on gis.stackexchange.com about my major problem on the site with the layers being activated by default. Lucky me, this morning I’ve had two complementary questions about how to resolve so now I have a better frontpage, showing just one of the maps.

My next improvement on this map will be a better expression of which maps are loaded. I plan to completely remove the default layer selector and to build one tha only allows to have one map activated, allowing also to load more layers, removing the limit of four layers per visualization of the CartoDB service.

Anyway all this will (probably) done after holidays, now I don’t have too much time to dedicate to this project, it’s been a great weekend working and learning a lot. This project (and that’s the reason of the log post) is a never ending story, with every feature I can do, there’s a new level of detail I will be able to reach, more and more complex features, more data to load, more ways to visualize and interact with the data, I don’t know, opportunities are endless, as I see them right now!!