02 August 2014

After some OSGeo Elections work and not too much sleeping (summer here is so hot it’s hard to sleep after 7am or so) I I’ve come back to the project. First thing this morning I’ve done is to try Darkly a different Bootswatch theme, I like flatly styles, let’s see how this work later. Depending on the visualization technique I’ll download not just the minimized CSS file for this dark theme but also the less variables so I can use them as a base palette for other interaction elements.

I’ve decided to work on this web as I do with my own website. After every git commit, I’ll upload an static version of the site to a S3 Amazon bucket. This way I keep updated a public version available to anyone that knows the link. At this point I’m not sharing yet it but I’ll do it soon.

I’m using to produce this site Jekyll a nice web site generator written in Ruby that I’ve been using for my website for a couple of years. It’s easy to use and removes me the fuss of working with a more complex system like a CMS.