01 August 2014

Well this is my first post on this project. The idea behind the creation of this log is well, register the main steps done over this project. Don’t expect a meticulous wording, or many links and careful crafted images. This is more a dump of what’s going on so I’ll try to keep it simple and direct.

My first step was creating a private repo on bitbucket. I’ll open it eventually, but for the first release I’ll do it this way. Once created the repo I’ve cloned JekyllBootstrap using the quick start instructions. Then I set up the remote to my bitbucket repo and uploaded the commits and tags.

After that I’ve added an annotated tag ”cv0.0” for the first import so I can start working from that commit.

After that I started updating the default site to remove things and set up a blank index page where the visualization will be placed. I’ve created a log page to list all these entries and well, I’m writing this post.

Now it’s time to commit all those changes and direct myself for the data, let’s go!